Ink In Pink
Ink In Pink
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1. I sometimes wake up with triple eye lids
2. I have been a shopaholic (according to primary school friend) ever since I was in primary school 
3. I once had a belly piercing 
4. I am a proud owner of 400+ bottles of nail polish 
5. Same goes with lip sticks #noshame 
6. I am a secret lover for pink (wasn’t much a secret before but now it is)
7. I make mean eggs
8. I keep cleaning my room yet it never seemed to work
9. I have accomplished going to all the Disney lands in the world yet I have no memory of some
10. I’m eating breakfast while I’m writing this :) 
11. Die hard Polaroid fan!!!
12. I sleep with 7 pillows and 4 blankets 
13. I buy Starbucks tumblers but only use it at home cos even now I still spill water on myself when I drink from a mug 
14. Constantly reminded that I have the intelligence of a three year old 
15. Currently obsessed with tattoo stickers 
16. Top three food choice: marshmallow, jelly and lollipop 
17. Haven’t done shit but cross stitch this summer 
18. I need reading glasses
19. My birthday is coming up! 
20. I have a Times subscription but I have never read a single one
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It’s a great feeling to not have any skyscrapers hovering above our heads #boarderlineclaustrophobic
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